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Short Biography of Scott Marino

Scott Marino is an experienced computer professional with 20 years of professional experience.  Starting as a mainframe COBOL programmer after graduating from The Chubb Institute in 1990, Scott worked as a consultant on the AT&T long distance billing conversion.

From there he went to Metromedia Communications which through a series of mergers and acquisitions is now MCI Worldcom. While there, he honed his skills eventually becoming a project leader.  He worked on pricing and billing applications, performance tuning on IBM mainframes, and worked on reconciling routing files in telephone switches to the billing platforms. 

Leaving MCI Worldcom, Scott was consultant with DMR Consulting where he was assigned to United Parcel Service. He was the technical lead on developing a datamart for the marketing department.

In 1999, Scott formed an internet e-tailer specializing in novelty boxer shorts. Scott's role in this company was that of CEO, CIO and president. Scott sold his interest in that company in 2007.

In 2007, Panda Apparel LLC (Panda being named after Peter AND Angela, Scott and Donna's children). Panda Apparel has launched numerous websites including: Panda Apparel LLC, Little Jammies, Tie-Dye Mania, Recycled Fiber Apparel, Betty Boop Gear, Panda Imprinting, Custom Printed Boxer Shorts and Custom Printed Lounge Pants.

Scott holds a Programming certificate from The Chubb Institute, an A.A. degree from Union County College, a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Kean University and a M.S. in Management Information Systems from Kean University.  He has attended many technical courses and has received certifications from IBM, Oracle, Programart, and Evolutionary Technologies International.  Scott also gives talks to groups on topics of e-commerce, web site promotion, and website development.

Scott occasionally does freelance web development and business consulting. Some of those sites include,,, and He does this through his consulting company DSMInternet.


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