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CS185-09 - Introduction to Programming
Caldwell College
Spring 2003
Instructor - Scott Marino

Monday's 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Room 3-205
Schedule Topic*
Jan 26th

Syllabus review and introductions
Chapter 1 - Overview of Programming

Feb 2nd

Chapter 1 (part 2)
Compiling a program

Feb 9th Chapter 2
Programming Standards
Homework 1
In Class Sample Code
Feb 16th No Class - President's Day Break
Feb 23rd

Quiz on Chapter 1
Chapter 3
In Class Sample Code

Mar 1st

Quiz on Chapter 2
Chapter 3 part 2
Homework 2
In Class Sample Code

Mar 8th Quiz on Chapter 3
Chapter 4
In Class Sample Code
Midterm Exam review
Mar 15th No Class - Spring Break
Mar 22nd Midterm Exam
Mar 29th Chapter 5
Homework 3
In Class Sample Code
Apr 5th Chapter 6
Homework 4
In Class Sample Code
Apr 12th Chapter 7
Quiz on Chapter 5 and 6
In Class Sample Code
Apr 19th Chapter 8
Quiz on Chapter 7
Apr 26th Additional material covered
Quiz on Chapter 8
Homework 5
May 3rd

Review for the final exam

May 10th Final Exam

* The dates topics are presented are subject to change during the semester.


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