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MSAS 5302 - Semester Project
Due December 1st

Create a case study about how a market segment or industry segment has been impacted by the use of DSS. Project should include information about several companies in related market sectors. DSS areas to explore can include data warehousing, data marts, data mining, olap and customer relationship management (crm).

An alternative to the research project would be to utilize the data mining software provided with the text and apply it to real data. Real data can come from you or your company, or I can provide sales data from my business for you to analyze. Let me know in advance if you are choosing this option.

The web and assorted business publications (available at a library) are good sources of information.

Each paper should be at least 7 pages (not including charts, graphs, logos, etc.) in length and must include a bibliography.

Accompanying the paper will be a short presentation to the class (PowerPoint and traditional transparency projector will be available). Presentation should be at least 5 minutes, but less than 10 minutes and should summarize your project findings. Presentations are scheduled to start on December 1st.

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