Web Site Design and Implementation
Summer Session 2001
Instructor - Scott Marino

Web Page Basics - Session 2 and 3


PowerPoint Presentation (use Internet Explorer to view PowerPoint presentations)


Basic Web Page Structure
Basic Paragraph Structure
Fonts and Text
Font Sizes


Hot Wired / WebMonkey Unix Guide

The WS_FTP LE Download is available from http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/
Search for "ws_ftp le" and you should see "WS_FTP Limited Edition (32-bit) v5.08" as the 4th entry in the list which is the 32 bit Windows 98/2000/NT free version.


Locate FTP software (ws_ftp free version is recommended)

Determine the default start page for your website

Create a simple "Welcome to my Web Site Page" with FrontPage or other editor and publish it to the website

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